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Dr. Perz and his medical staff offer a variety of geriatric healthcare services, ranging from routine health exams to the treatment of heart and vascular disease.  When you visit our practice, you are sure to receive only the best healthcare from our professional and friendly medical staff.

Keeping you healthy is our number one goal. We offer a variety of geriatric healthcare services.


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• Internal medicine and preventive care

• Degenerative arthritis and disc disease

• Chronic heart disease

• Osteoporosis treatment

• Vascular disease

• Impaired vision treatment

• Impaired hearing treatment

Geriatric healthcare services

We all know that as we age, the need for a more concentrated, focused form of medical care increases. Let us help your loved ones, and keep them around for many more years to come.


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Quality elder care

Our team of medical professionals is dedicated to meeting your individual healthcare needs. From preventative medicine and routine check-ups, to diagnostic medicine and treatment options, you can count on the medical expertise of Dr. Perz and his staff for all of your healthcare needs.

Quality, individualized healthcare options

The best in geriatric healthcare